Associations Converge on the Falls

It’s going to be cold outside but hot indoors as the Canadian Society of Association Executives converge on Niagra Falls, Ontario, this week for the winter summit.

I am the warm-up act for the pre-conference workshop on Thursday at 10 am. It’s pretty perfect for the point in the year when your New Year’s resolutions are wearing off. The topic is starting over.

If you could start over, how would you meet your members’ needs today? Forget your legacy, forget your baggage and ask yourself the hard question: What do they want now?

Yes, that would be a lot of work and difficult and wrenching and all the rest. It’s become a cliché but sayings become clichés because they’re always true: If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less. So lots of work and lots of change or irrelevance. Which would you pick?

See you in Canada, I hope, or if you’d like a copy of the slides, let me know.


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