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How And Why Users Like Your Brand On Facebook

According to Mashable, people interact with their favorite brands on Facebook more than on any other social network. Because of this, it is important to look at how and why users decide to “like” a brand.

Why “Like” A Brand Page?

78% of users who “like” a brand on Facebook are a fan of less than 10 brands. If your brand wants to get liked, you must understand why users “like” brands.

First and foremost, over 50% of users “like” a brand on Facebook because they already use or own the product or want discounts/promotions. Other reasons include wanting: free items, updates about future sales, and information about the company (Mashable).

It seems that if you want your brand to be successful on Facebook, you need to have a large following and you need to be actively engaging.

“Social” Media

77% of fans are passive and interact mainly by reading posts and updates the brand publishes however, 56% of fans recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan.

When looking at younger audiences aged 16-34, over a third of users “like” a brand more when the brand uses social media (emarketer).

Remember, though, that clicking the “like” button does not mean these users are actively engaged. Look at comments, insights, impressions, and feedback to get a more accurate picture of your page’s success.

Be Sure to Target all Users!

(Via PR Daily)

Because social media is a rather young area, much focus and attention is placed on younger users. However, it is essential to look at how users aged 55 and older engage.

According to PR Daily, 43% of users 55 and older “like” at least one brand. So, the next time you write copy or give something away, make sure to keep older users in mind!

Complaints, Comments, And Chaos

When you create a Facebook page for your brand it is important to remember that you have created a social bridge.

The user now has all the tools to vocally comment about anything they want. This freedom can lead to problems ranging from angry comments to large-scale multi-user Facebook attacks…

For help on how to handle a Social Media crisis read more here: Crisis Management Using Social Media

The social bridge allows “brands to interact with consumers who are actively seeking out brand experiences (Business Today).” Many companies are amping up their social media support team so that they are able to answer user questions 24 hours a day.

Mind The Unlike

When looking at why users “like” your brand, why not look at why they “unlike” your brand.

An incredible 63% of users have “unliked” a brand due to excessive postings. Similarly, 38% have “unliked” a brand because they thought the content became repetitive or boring (The Realtime Report).

What To Take Away

Here are some important highlights to take away from Facebook Brands and Users:

  • Make sure to read comments and responses. They are a great way to judge the health of your online presence.
  • Do not annoy fans with excessive postings.
  • Remember, a fan can be anywhere between 13 and 100+. Make sure content is appropriate.
  • Social media is “social.” Have fun engaging with users!


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