Making the Case for Content

I am delighted to represent Imagination at the Intelligent Content Conference coming up this week, Feb. 7-8, in San Francisco. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello!

My name is DJ Francis and I joined Imagination about six weeks ago as the VP of Content Strategy. In this role, I will be leading our content strategy work, mentoring our deep bench of employees and establishing clear processes to make us even more efficient. So, it should be no surprise that I will be speaking at ICC about how to convey the importance of content strategy to clients.

A lot of in-house marketers are beginning to understand they need a content strategy. Many are tending sites with a decade or more of questionable content and the content process is frequently cumbersome.

Likewise, a lot of content strategists would love nothing more than to help these clients. But there’s a breakdown in how this is communicated. My presentation is about winnowing down that gap — learning how to communicate the value of content strategy in the client’s language.

There has never been a better time for this conversation. There are two main reasons I feel that way, both illustrated in this eMarketer chart:

Brand Marketers

1)   First, over half of the marketers and agencies are planning some type of content marketing strategy. They haven’t started one, but they are planning to do something at some point in some undefined way. Smart content strategists will help potential clients define their problems and provide a framework within which to think about these issues.

2)   Second, note the disparity between those who say they already have a content marketing strategy. There is a 25% gap between marketers and agencies! So we clearly have some work to do in defining what exactly content marketing and content strategy mean in the client’s mind — and what those projects look like to a client.

Client-side marketers understand the need. In fact, content marketing recently ranked as their top priority.

Now, the onus is on content marketers to properly elucidate the value, provide a roadmap and get to work. My hope is that my presentation will help both in-house marketers and content strategists communicate better.

Join me at ICC next week or follow along Thursday and Friday using the hashtag #ICC2013!


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