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Pinterest: Is it for Your Brand?

Like everyone else in the world, I love Pinterest. It’s engaging, entertaining and most importantly, it’s pretty.

We’ve covered the basics on why Pinterest is a top social marketing vehicle for brands. But just because Pinterest is the hot new thing, doesn’t mean it’s right for your brand.

First and foremost, consider your content. Pinterest is what we call “lifestyle content.” If your brand is a retailer, a food, a home goods store, a beauty site or even a travel hub, Pinterest is a great vehicle to showcase your outfits, recipes, DIY projects and makeup or hair tutorials. On the flip side, if you’re say, an online job board, Pinterest probably isn’t your best social media option.

Another obvious, yet key, question to ask is, do you have attractive photos? Unfortunately, a witty caption isn’t enough to get most people to interact with your pins. Pinterest is highly visual, so your images must tell a story. If a user is drawn to your photo, she will like it, repin it and click it to get more information, which means traffic and hopefully, sales for you. If you don’t have the photos to get people to engage with your pins, Pinterest is probably not for you.

Where are you linking? While you can upload photos without linking somewhere, one of the best things about Pinterest is that it provides traffic—more so than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. So take advantage of that, and link those pretty pictures to your blog, website or store.

Finally, consider your audience. The demographics on Pinterest indicate that the majority of users are females between the ages of 18 and 54. Which makes sense, given the sheer volume of wedding ideas, fashion and all things baby, cupcakes and crafts on Pinterest. That’s not to say men aren’t interested in those things or that there’s not a place for them on the site, just keep this fact in mind.

How did you make the choice to join Pinterest?

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