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Spin Me Some Good Content

More and more brands are creating content today. According to a recent Econsultancy report, 90 percent of marketers believe content marketing will be more important next year. Content marketing for most businesses includes creation (developing original content) and curation (sourcing and sharing external or community content). I think brands have an opportunity to become “Content DJs” as they curate and share relevant information with customers and prospects. But first, a story…

I really like Spotify. I can listen to a huge variety of music with limited commercial interruptions; I’m on the free version. It also really frustrates me. I have to create my own playlists, find related artists and go searching for new tracks. Spotify is missing discovery. It needs a DJ. Well, at least for me. I like to have that professional help me find the latest up-and-coming indie band.

What does Spotify have to do with content marketing? A lot. Brands are creating and curating more content than ever before. While there are new tools like Percolate to help with content discovery, a human is still required. So, as you think about building the optimal content mix for your audience, consider these three “Content DJ” capabilities in your organization:


DJs scour through albums and new artists to find great music for their audience. Your brand must be listening internally and externally and then bringing remarkable content to the surface. This could be a relevant article from a 3rd party source or a picture from a fan.


Radio stations have chart shows and Top Ten lists, and they also connect the dots between each song. Curation is more than just discovering good content; it is organizing it into a relevant playlist.


Great DJs build engagement with their fans and call them out. Create opportunities to highlight your biggest fans – recognize their awesome content.

What would you add?


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