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Spontaneity Through Planning: Social Wins the Super Bowl

We can all agree that we learned a valuable lesson from last night’s onslaught of buzz-worthy brand tweets, but it wasn’t a lesson in timeliness, agility or even social savvy. Instead, it was a lesson in planning.

Oreo and 360i, and I suspect many other agency/brand collaborations that jumped on the great blackout of Super Bowl XLVII, had a plan in place that allowed them to quickly and effectively highlight the unlikely occurrence.


Read more about Oreo’s game winning plan here.

In short, they had the right people monitoring the game from all angles, backed up by a structure that allowed them to obtain swift client approval.

Much in the same way that firehouses, firefighters and a network of fire hydrants are positioned in anticipation of a blaze, Oreo and 360i had people and a process in place so that when an opportunity presented itself, they were poised to take action.

When a fire starts, will your brand be ready? Plan + Process + Agile Content & Creative + Collaboration = Now-Marketing.



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