The Bachelor Party and Risk Management

Recently, I went to a bachelor party. There, I spent two hours discussing risk management with a friend whose career involves many Excel spreadsheets.

As unsexy as that bachelor party sounds, I was in luck, considering I write about risk management for a client’s magazine.

That — suckering a friend to talk shop for two hours at a bachelor party — is called dedication to my job.

In all honesty, conversations like that are where ideas for good content come from. After all, the best way to know your clients’ and customers’ needs is to ask.

Other tips for writing great (read: useful and engaging) articles:

Draw from experience.

Use the issues your customers are dealing with as inspiration. In the financial risk management world, for example, many professionals prefer Microsoft Excel — but when it comes to big data analysis, other tools might be more applicable. Tell your costumers how they can help their employees with the transition from one comfort tool to one that’s big-data-ready.

Think fun.

I don’t care if you think risk managers are stodgy (shame on you). Something about their career excites them, which is more than many professionals can say. It’s OK to lighten up the language in an article and let your audience enjoy themselves.

Don’t be afraid.

Unless you are giving away your clients’ personal email addresses, there is no such thing as “too much information.” Have you heard of the Internet? The entire thing is “too much information.”

People want details, not generalizations. Let’s say you are a clothing company, and you tell your fashion-forward customers, “Dress for the job you want.” That’s only helpful advice if you tell them exactly how to dress. Give them examples, like this one.


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