The Content Experience Path

More and more companies are creating content as part of their marketing mix. They realize in a world that’s always on, content is the bridge to build connections with customers and prospects. The challenge is to produce content that captures attention.

People experience attention-getting content in the following way:


Your customers have more and more media and ads coming at them than ever before. It’s an understatement to say people are on information overload. Today, attention is a scarce resource.

Remarkable Content (RC)

In all of the noise, remarkable content breaks through and makes you do a double take. This is not just funny cat memes or Someecards. Remarkable Content can be user-generated photos shared with a passionate brand community or an infographic helping a business owner understand a complex subject. This content stands out above the noise.

Positive Experience

Like a good story, RC evokes emotions. It generates a good feeling.

The Share

As people experience RC and feel good, they gain trust for the brand, and then they post to social media and pass the information onto their friends through digital word of mouth.


Customers continue to see great content, have a great experience and pass it along. Eventually they head to the store, click buy or make an appointment.

Content Experience Path

The key to this content journey is remarkability. Will your landing page, email or Facebook post create a good experience?



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