The Perfect Recipe for Social Success

Betty Crocker has been a part of our kitchens for nearly a century. Now we can be a part of hers.

This month, Betty Crocker launched an Instagram account, allowing thousands of users to virtually participate in the same amazing baking process they grew up with—one beautiful photo at a time.

Betty Crocker

Taking followers behind-the-scenes in the Betty Crocker kitchens, the brand team has built a growing community centered on the shared love of Betty’s products. The brand shares photos of recipes come to life and talks with followers about their baking experiences, an approach so enticing that the account gained 1,000 followers within its first one-month test period, surpassing the team’s original goal.

Betty Crocker

The Instagram content—centered on healthy meals and cute cupcakes—is geared towards college-educated females between the ages of 18 and 34, in contrast to Betty’s Facebook page, which is geared towards an older and more domesticated demographic. About five or six times a week, Betty’s Instagram is updated between 3 and 5 PM for optimal views.

Together with the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, Betty Crocker is a testament to a social media campaign well done. With more than two million combined fans and followers, all the channels work cohesively to give consumers a daily dose of domestic inspiration with beautiful product photos; recipes for every budget, season and skill level; and speedy and thorough customer service.

For a look at the sweetness baking in Betty’s kitchen today, follow Betty Crocker on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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